Kafka Developer Certification Anki Revision Cards

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116 revision cards for the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka Exam (Anki)

What is included?

Instant access to 116 revision flashcards covering all aspects of the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka Exam. 

Questions and explanations on the following topics are provided:

  • Kafka Architecture
  • Kafka Configurations
  • Kafka CLI Commands
  • Kafka APIs
  • Kafka Operations
  • Kafka Security
  • Kafka Connect
  • Kafka Streams
  • Confluent KSQL
  • Confluent Schema Registry
  • Confluent REST Proxy

Why invest in this flashcard deck?

  • Save time. Writing quality revision notes takes time. Instantly gain access to over 100 quality revision questions with explanations
  • 🎯 Full coverage. The flashcards cover the entire Kafka developer exam syllabus. Make sure you have covered all bases for your revision
  • 🚀Improve Efficiency. Make the most of your revision time. Anki utilises active recall and spaced repetition which has been shown to be a highly effective revision technique
  • 📱 Revise on the go. Revise at any time using Anki's excellent free mobile app 

What is Anki?

Anki is a free flashcard app (mobile and desktop versions) which allows test yourself in practice sessions. It uses an intelligent algorithm built around active recall and spaced repetition. As you complete each round of questions, Anki learns which questions you found most challenging and ensures you see those flashcards more regularly. 

How to get started?

The flashcards are provided as a downloadable `.apkg` file which can be loaded into the Anki app.

1. Download the free Anki App  (for desktop) or from the Apple or Google Play store (for mobile)

2. Download the Certified Developer for Apache Kafka revision cards from Gumroad

3. Import the `.apkg` file using the 'Import File' button in the Anki user interface

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Kafka Developer Certification Anki Revision Cards

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